Aerial hoop, single point

Aerial hoop, single point

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Single point aerial hoop bundle- coes with free stitched wrap in a choice of colours and prints, and strap and carsbina for fixing. Choice of hoop size from mini hoops for little kids, to large adult.


    Hoops are made from 30mm welded steel tubing. The unique fixing design means you just need the one carabina and strap provided, rather than two carabinas as with other hoops. Turnaround is generally 7 working days appx.


    Hoops are custom made to your specifications, so as with all custom made goods, they can not be returned for a refund, but if there is any issue with damage en route, a replacement will be sent upon return.


    Price includes uk shipping. I can ship abroad, pleas message me for a quote.

I will contact you on purchase for size and colour: Lots of colours and prints available.